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Bilibili represents the iconic brand of online entertainment for young generations in China. With our website first launched in June 2009 and officially named ‘‘bilibili’’ in January 2010, we provide high-quality content and an immersive entertainment experience, and have built our platform based on the strong emotional connections of our users to our content and communities. Our mission is to enrich the everyday life of young generations in China.

We started as a content community inspired by anime, comics and games, or ACG, and have evolved into a full-spectrum online entertainment world covering a wide array of genres and media formats, including videos, live broadcasting and mobile games. We have now become the welcoming home of diverse cultures and interests and destination for discovering cultural trends and phenomena for young generations in China. We believe China will become the world’s largest online entertainment market in the future and our brand recognition and market leadership among the young generations in China position us well to capture the significant opportunities.

We have a young and culturally aspirational user base willing to invest in a high-quality entertainment experience. According to QuestMobile, the majority of our user base are Generation Z, individuals born from 1990 to 2009 in China. They typically receive quality education and are technology savvy, with strong demand for culture products and avenues for self-expression and social interaction. We believe our users will be the driving force and trend-setters of entertainment consumption in China as they grow with us.

We capture the hearts and minds of our users with superior content experience and carefully designed interactive features. Our user base has demonstrated strong engagement and loyalty to our communities. We pioneered the ‘‘bullet chatting’’ feature, a live commenting function that has transformed the viewing experience by displaying thoughts and feelings of other audience viewing the same video. This signature feature fosters a highly interactive and enjoyable viewing experience and allows our users to benefit from the strong emotional bonds with other users who share similar aspiration and interests.

Our vibrant communities fuel the ever-growing supply of creative professional user generated content, or PUGC. We have developed a robust system and nurtured an encouraging community culture that respects and rewards content creators and motivates the creation of inspirational content. In addition to PUGC, our diversified content offerings include licensed videos, live broadcasting and mobile games. We focus on offering content that caters to the evolving and diversified interests of our users and our communities.