Social and Governance

"No technology can be developed in isolation; it must grow in tandem with social, economic and cultural developments.

We build a stage for content creators where no talent is left unnoticed, create a welcoming community that users love and appreciate, and bring original Chinese content to audience worldwide."

Mr. Rui Chen

Chairman and CEO

ESG Materials

ESG Materials

The report details our efforts in corporate governance, content quality, cybersecurity and privacy protection, minor protections, supplier and content creator empowerment, human capital development, environmental protection and social charitable activities, and among others, giving investors as well as other stakeholders more transparency about our broader impact in society.

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Honors and Awards

Best ESG Asia 2019-2021
Institutional Investor Magazine
Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise
Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Other Departments
The Eighth Batch of Shanghai Key Trademark Protection List
Patent Protection Community Open Invention Network (OIN)
2021 Best Employer of Human Resource Management
Forbes China
2021 Most Innovative Employer of Human Resource Management
Forbes China
Top 10 Enterprise of Public Welfare
Outstanding Enterprise of Participating in Blood Donation
Shanghai Communities, Enterprises and Institutions

ESG Ratings

ESG Ratings

MSCI Rating BB

Bilibili ranked above average among 74 companies in the media and entertainment industry and excelled in the "human capital development" category


Last updated: November 2021

Bilibili Public Welfare

Bilibili public welfare, in-depth integrates social needs with our business operation, finds our public welfare focus and put it into practice.
We focus on the development of the younger generation and rural education, attach importance to improving the living conditions of ethnic minorities, and make continuous efforts to support underprivileged communities.
With our commitment to promoting a harmonious society, we seek to advocate positivity and positive values to the public through videos.

Public welfare projects have benefited
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*As of August 31, 2022